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National Change of Address Services in Erie, Colorado

NCOA is the only service that can provide address changes before you mail. We can submit your list to a licensed vendor who compares addresses on your list to the national database of address changes. The national database contains 3 years of address changes and links people or companies who have moved and changes the old address to the most current address. Contact us for more information.

Database Processing Cost: $10 per 1000 records ($10 minimum)

File Requirements

Most common formats can be sent via email.

  • ASCII or text file format 
  • DBF format
  • Label-Image text format
  • Pkzip files
  • Others may be applicable

Additional Requirements

  • Files, where first name and last names are in one field, will be split into 2 fields.
  • City, State, and Zip codes will be split into 3 fields.
  • International records will be ignored and left unchanged.
  • Along with CASS* certification, address formats will be standardized.
  • *CASS certification is the process of verifying addresses and adding Zip+4. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to re-import the new file back into my software program?

You cannot update or change your file while it is “out” for NCOA unless you are able to overlay records when the file returns. If you are not able to overlay the changed records, you must wait for the file to return before you can make any modifications to it. Many point-of-sale programs do not allow for this “down time” and are not capable of overlaying changed records. In cases where you cannot be “down” for several days, or where you cannot re-import the new file, you will need to get a hard copy of the captured move updates and manually update your file.

What else do I get?

When your file is returned from NCOA, a code field will have been added. The codes denote whether the record was updated from an individual move, a business move or a family move. There are also codes to note records which were close matches, but not close enough to allow a change to be made to your file. These records are called “nixies”. Nixies occur when there is a spelling difference in a name or company name, or when exact addresses cannot be matched (a typo in the street address). Other codes note moves without forwarding addresses and people or companies which have moved out of the country. All these codes arm you with information you can use to update your mailing list.

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